“Sheetal Fresh” is currently a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Mango Milkshake (Aamras) and Shrikand, Basundi, Curd in the city of Mumbai. Established in the year 1979 in Malad-Kandivali area by the name “Sheetal Dugdhalaya” by its founder Mr. Bharat S. Mehta. He played the key role in the successful running of the company, creating “GOODWILL” and escalated it to the level where it stands today.   
Undoubtedly, “SHEETAL FRESH” is presently the major processor and distributor of dairy products such as Shrikand, Basundi, Curd and Mango MilkShake (Aamras). “SHEETAL FRESH” deals both in retail and wholesale market since last three decades and catering to the need of dairy industry, ice cream manufacturers, bakers, confectioneries and daily consumers.    
“Sheetal Dugdhalaya” is also known as  “KING OF MANGO MILKSHAKE” since 1992, when it was first launched by Mr. Bharat S. Mehta in Mumbai Metropolitan Region and since then the brand is famous for its Shrikand , Basundi and Mango Milkshake, more  particularly in Gujarati Community.

“SHEETAL FRESH” is committed to deliver products which meet all regulatory, industrial, consumer Quality and Food safety requirements to our valued consumers.
We at “SHEETAL FRESH”, add new products on regular basis, as per the needs of our customers. Our dedicated Research and Development team consistently works on product development to deliver superior quality and taste to our customers. 
“SHEETAL FRESH”, also, renovate its existing products time to time, towards it approach to customers, and try for innovative products every time. The major thrust remains in manufacturing products targeting consumers’ health, wellness, supplying product with the taste of classic delicacies and replicating the feeling for home-made taste of Indian tradition.
At “SHEETAL FRESH” research & development team monitor and control all the batches of commercial production to ensure quality and organoleptic characteristics of the product. Along with the traditional and innovative taste, food safety is also of utmost importance while designing the manufacturing process for each new product.
Our continuous efforts focused on building a sustainable "Quality and Food Safety Program" across food chain, using state of the art processes and innovative technologies towards delivering wide range of "Dairy and Food" products. 
Our automated systems are designed to have process monitoring and controls at each stage of food chain towards Continual Improvements.
“SHEETAL FRESH” on regular basis keep extending its product list-(line) with new flavors, new added ingredients and various pack sizes at regular intervals.

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